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Our Mission

To encourage people, with music, to experience God through the Holy Spirit by providing community, covering and platform for inspired artists in their calling.  

Our experience in working with many music ministries, from a broad background of church influences, indicates that there is a strong move of the Spirit to unite believers in worship. We have also seen the impact of these artists to reach well beyond their respective church orientations and denominations, and have a dramatic impact on people's lives. It is apparent that people are willing to go to an event and experience a worship environment that is different from what they would normally receive in their own church experience; providing an opportunity for them to move out of familiar trappings and experience a potentially deeper worship experience. When believers draw closer to God, the Holy Spirit will meet them at their need and help them realize their individual calling, thus helping them to grow in their faith. 

Storehouse Music Ministries produces True Worship Experience Events, gives away music CDs, and supports Music Ministry fundraising efforts.

Ministry Profile


True Worship Experience Events are targeted at believers to develop and disciple through music by modeling a worship experience that encourages people to draw closer to God and experience the Holy Spirit.


Music CDs target unbelievers to introduce them to God via contemporary "tracts."


Music Ministries fundraising is a way of supporting artists in the monumental task of organizing and supporting their ministry efforts.

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